DES Daughter Social Media Networks

Because Social Media increases Awareness and brings the DES Community Together

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You can use all these social media platforms below to connect with us.

Daily Mail, Newsletters

  • FeedBurner Diethylstilbestrol
  • WordPress DES Daughter Network blog (look for the “Subscribe box“)

Well-known Social Media Platforms

Even More Ways to Connect!

4 thoughts on “DES Daughter Social Media Networks”

  1. I have a petition on to add DES exposure added to medical intake forms. Please assist on getting this out to the masses as it is so important. DES hasn’t been in the spotlight for several years considering the millions exposed.

    1. You did not send me the link to your petition but I assume this is the one – am I correct?

      I am confused by the petition title:
      “To the FDA – DES Daughters – A Lesson on a Pharmaceutical Fatal Mistake for the Generations”

      Why “DES Daughters” and not “DES-exposed” ?
      * Do you want President Barack Obama to focus on DES Daughters only?

      DES affected males too, and some are even intersex and transgenders…
      DES affects up to 7 generations, so right now, we are also talking about DES Mothers, DES Sons, DES Grand Daughters, DES GrandSons and all the DES family (partners etc.)

      So if your goal is to “getting this out to the masses”, I would recommend to amend your title…
      You will be more likely to get the support of the whole DES community ; right now the petition seems to focus on a specific group only.

      1. I am a Male born in 1965 to a mother that was prescribed DES in 1955. In 1980 I was diagnosed with Seminoma. Could this just be coincidence, or a potential link ?

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