Can Apple’s ResearchKit change the face of medical research?

With Apple’s ResearchKit, doctors can design apps that allow users to quickly, easily participate in medical studies

smartphone use image
The combination of widespread usage and the capacity to collect data makes smartphones an ideal tool for researchers to involve phone owners in taking a medical study. Image via

Everyry day, Medical News Today reports on a large number of studies. Many of these involve the recruitment of participants so researchers can obtain new and relevant data. The best of these studies will involve the participation of thousands of people, but getting hold of large numbers of willing volunteers can be difficult.

In March, Apple launched ResearchKit, an open source software framework for researchers and developers. What effect might this have on medical research?

  • Getting started
  • Lots and lots of data
  • An open source framework for all
  • Work in progress

Read Can Apple’s ResearchKit change the face of medical research?
by James McIntosh, Medical News Today, 11 June 2015.

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