Clinical Trials and Composite Outcomes

Hilda Bastian is cartoonist and writer at StatisticallyFunny blog

Composite-outcomes cartoon
Let’s Play Outcome Mash-up – A Clinical Trial Shortcut Classic! by Hilda Bastian.

” Deciphering trial outcomes can be a tricky business. As if many measures aren’t hard enough to make sense of on their own, they are often combined in a complex maneuver called a composite endpoint (CEP) or composite outcome. The composite is treated as a single outcome. And journalists often phrase these outcomes in ways that give the impression that each of the separate components has improved.” 

Read: Let’s Play Outcome Mash-up – A Clinical Trial Shortcut Classic!,
on Statistically funny, February 8, 2015, by author and cartoonist Hilda Bastian.

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