Hormone therapy in transgender adults with provider supervision

Study finds hormone therapy in transgender adults safe

In the most comprehensive review to date addressing the relative safety of hormone therapy for transgender persons, researchers from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) have found that hormone therapy in transgender adults is safe.

Boston Medical Center image
Boston Medical Center findings may help reduce the barriers for transgender individuals to receive medical care.

2015 Study Abstract

Some providers report concern for the safety of transgender hormone therapy (HT).

This is a systematic literature review of HT safety for transgender adults.

Current literature suggests HT is safe when followed carefully for certain risks.

  • The greatest health concern for HT in transgender women is venous thromboembolism; increase risk of thrombosis..
  • HT among transgender men appears to cause polycythemia.
  • Both groups experienced elevated fasting glucose.
  • There is no increase in cancer prevalence or mortality due to transgender HT.

Although current data support the safety of transgender HT with physician supervision, larger, long-term studies are needed in transgender medicine.

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