RethinkThePink: dealing with Pink Stuff during Breast Cancer awareness…

What is pink washing?

Baker Hughes pink drill image
Pinkwashing: pink drill bits being rolled out for breast cancer awareness month by Baker Hughes.

#PinkWashing is the act of appearing to support the fight against breast cancer by slapping a pink label on a product that most likely contains ingredients or elements linked to causing cancer. Many companies even raise the price of products or create a limited edition product to boost their profits, while only donating a meager portion of that profit to research treatments.

#RethinkThePink: stop buying products from companies that engage in pinkwashing as they stock your stores full of toxins – and profit off this deadly disease.

#ThinkBeforeYouPink: a campaign as a direct call to STOP THE DISTRACTION of pink ribbon marketing and culture.

Join Mamavation and The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and The Breast Cancer Fund on Wednesday, Oct. 15th 6pm PST/9pm EST to learn more about pinkwashing, breast cancer prevention and how you can #RethinkthePink.

Sources and more information:
  • #RethinkthePink: Stop Companies Profiting Off Your Charity While Breast Cancer Still Kills, Mamavation, September 30, 2014.
  • Fracking company’s pink drill bits spark outrage, MNN, Oct 13, 2014.
  • Visit ThinkBeforeYouPink website and campaigns.
  • Beyond the Pink: From Awareness to Prevention, BreastCancerFund.
  • Watch these pink washing videos on YouTube.

Author: DES Daughter

Activist, blogger and social media addict committed to shedding light on a global health scandal and dedicated to raise DES awareness.

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