Wise Doctors say No Ads Please

Drug reps form a huge part of the industry’s marketing strategy…

a GP’s take on Big Pharma spruiking

Free Yourself from drug reps poster image
Drug reps form a huge part of the industry’s marketing strategy.

I’m one of several doctors throwing their weight behind the new No Advertising Please campaign, vowing to avoid drug reps for a year. This should be reasonably easy for me, as I’ve been trying to avoid them for years – though no doubt I’ll be occasionally ambushed in tea rooms and corridors. Meanwhile, I’ll keep buying my own lunch, and relying on independent sources of medicines information.

Read Why I don’t see drug reps,
TheConversation, 9 October 2014.

  • Problems with medicines
  • Drug reps
  • Do drug reps affect prescribing?
  • The No Advertising Please campaign
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