Breast Cancer Prevention : Time to take Responsibility

An Urgent Mandate for Breast Cancer Prevention

Enough Already! An Urgent Mandate for Breast Cancer Prevention” 29 percent of all cancers in women start in the breast… ”

” These are not just statistics, data points filling up graphs and tables. These are our mothers, sisters, friends and neighbors — women in the prime of their lives with so much at stake and so much more to give: children, spouses and partners, promising careers, civic service, etc… ”

” We’re now exposed to vast and widespread use of hormonally active chemicals that didn’t exist a hundred years ago: pesticides, flame retardants, plasticizers (like bisphenol A), antibiotics in livestock feed, hormones in the beef and dairy cattle industry, and pharmaceutical hormones for women, as just a few examples. What comes around goes around … ”

Read Enough Already! An Urgent Mandate for Breast Cancer Prevention by Marisa Weiss, M.D., 03/04/2013.

Author: DES Daughter

Activist, blogger and social media addict committed to shedding light on a global health scandal and dedicated to raise DES awareness.

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