Too many of us are Not living our DREAMS because we are living our FEARS

~Les Brown~ #Quote

I’m sure victims of the DES drug scandal would love to live their dreams but these dreams get broken by the fear, anxiety and health issues this drug cast upon them.

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Chemotherapy can backfire and make Cancer worse by triggering Tumor Growth

Damage responses in benign cells… may directly contribute to enhanced tumor growth kinetics

Shock study: Chemotherapy can backfire, make cancer worse by triggering tumor growthScientists found that healthy cells damaged by chemotherapy secreted more of a protein called WNT16B, which boosts cancer cell survival.

The increase in WNT16B was completely unexpected ” said Peter Nelson, of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  Read Shock study: Chemotherapy can backfire, make cancer worse by triggering tumor growth,
nydailynews, 2012.

A few Landmarks in the French DES Legal Battle History

Read " Distilbène®: 20 Years of Legal Battle "See a quick overview of the first Distilbène® lawsuits, the first victories for DES Daughters, the historical turning point and first victory for the DES third generation against UCB Pharma drug maker.

Read Distilbène®: 20 Years of Legal Battle on Diethylstilbestrol, Journal of a DES Daughter logo

How to figure out if Women in their 20s had been exposed to DES in-Utero

Case Control Studies, Public Health, UC Berkeley Lecture 21, Oct 2012

Adenocarcinoma of the Vagina and in Utero Exposure to Diethyl stilbestrol DES

Epidemiologic Methods

  • The DES case study example is from 32:00 until 38:20.
  • Video published by UCBerkeley on YouTube.
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Diagnosed DES Daughter, I would most likely Never be able to Experience the Joys of Pregnancy and Motherhood…

Read My DES Daughter Journey – Introduction

Read My DES Daughter Journey – IntroductionBeing diagnosed DES daughter meant I would most likely never be able to experience the joys of pregnancy and motherhood. I may never give a daughter or son to my husband; grandchildren to my parents and in-laws. Additionally, I may be under higher risks of developing other health problems such as cancer. I was promised to live the rest of my live with fear, stress, anxiety and guilt to name just a few of the many emotions that went trough my mind the day I was first called  “.

Read My DES Daughter Journey – Introduction.

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Origins, how the Nine Months before Birth shape the rest of our Lives… on Pinterest

Origins, how the Nine Months before Birth shape the rest of our Lives... on PinterestThe book’s most chilling section involves the tragic results of thalidomide and diethylstilbestrol (DES), two drugs from the 1950s that were “given to pregnant women in the belief that the fetus would be unaffected.”

Annie Murphy Paul reveals six decades later:
It is evidence of the evolving state of our knowledge that the mechanisms by which these substances do their damage are not completely clear, even now.

Read Will Fetal Science Lead to Lawsuits?
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Time for Actions: did you SIGN THE PETITION ?

China finds Paylean trace in US Pork Exports

Chinese officials claim they have found traces of the banned drugs in shipments

” … China has been making noise about trace residue of ractopamine hydrochloride in pork imported from here. This is a drug to improve the ratio of lean meat to fat and is approved as a feed additive in our country but banned in China, the European Union and some other countries. It is sold by Elanco, the ag division of Eli Lilly, under the brand name Paylean ... ”

” … The United States has long been more tolerant of drugs and hormones as feed additives than most other countries, especially those in Europe. The current dispute mimics a long one we had with the European Union about residues of diethylstilbestrol and other growth-promoting hormones in U.S. beef exports … ”

Read about two current agricultural trade disputes which mimic a long dispute between the U.S. and the EU about DES in beef exports … Eli Lilly is once again involved …!!!!
Read Real World Economics: Players in trade disputes often play both sides
via twincities, 02/20/2013 .

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Les Conditions d’Indemnisation des Victimes du Distilbène se précisent

Le Monde du dimanche, octobre 2012

Le Monde du dimanche 28 et lundi 29 octobre 2012

Le Monde du dimanche 28 et lundi 29 octobre 2012

Le Distilbène DES, en savoir plus:

Feds to publicize Big Pharma Drug and Device payments to Doctors next Year

Feds to Publicize Drug and Device Company Payments to Doctors Next Year

gt_pills_300x200_130201_1 (1)After years of anticipation, all of the nation’s drug and medical device makers must soon begin publicly reporting payments they make to U.S. physicians, according to final regulations announced this month by the federal government. ”

Read Feds to Publicize Drug and Device Company Payments to Doctors Next Year by Charles Ornstein and Tracy Weber

WONDER DRUG almost makes it! See @WONDERDRUGMOVIE Pin on Pinterest

The film in development, WONDER DRUG was so very close to winning public votes in a survey by Indiewire. The winning margin was only 3% …

As Carole Devine said: “Thank you to everyone who voted. We are all supportive of screen writer and DES daughter, Caitlin McCarthy in her quest for Wonder DRUG to make it to the big screen.”

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